We are breaking the routines with our Investment Engineering approach in creating sustainable wealth!

Our main strategy as Ata Invest is always to create sustainable wealth for our investors. With the right products at the right time, we work for you to achieve your goals more easily by directing your investments.

Our Vision - Our Mission

Our main goal as Ata Yatırım is always to protect our customers' wealth and to create added value thereto. For this reason, we try to avoid unnecessary risks by understanding the needs of our customers. Thanks to our work system developed based on Investment Engineering approach, we always work without over-complicating issues and by being result-oriented. Whilst developing our target return, we evaluate not a single but multiple-variable analysis of your risk profile.

In today's rapidly changing market conditions, investors need expert opinions and support in addition to their own knowledge for their investments in funds and capital markets. In order to meet this need, Investor Coaching assists investors in taking and implementing their investment decisions. The purpose of this service is to provide investors with best alternatives by evaluating their risk preferences.

Regardless of the service channel of our investors, as soon as their account is activated, they will be assigned their personal Investor Coach who will help them in order to make available to them all products and services offered at Ata Yatırım. Starting right from the account opening, investor coaches will be there for our investors in capital markets for all operational processes, taking of investment decisions, realization and reporting of transactions, delivery of latest research reports and ensuring of the regular flow of information about the market.

Opinions of our customers are always very important to us. To achieve the best result in the investment process, we believe in acting together with our customers in close contact with them in their investment decisions. We are using a trust-building and performance- oriented pricing system in which not just success but the risks are shared as well. Moreover, we are targeting to provide world class services for our customers through our team's skills and experiences combined with strong overseas career.

At Ata Invest, we base our services on a simple yet powerful philosophy. We allow you to define your financial space – with all the updated market information at your fingertips, a diverse bouquet of products to choose from, the best in class services, and the essential ingredients for a well balanced wealth management strategy, you will have a comprehensive wealth management platform at your disposal. Our out-of-the-box approach and the opportunity to draw from our experience and expertise will ensure that your interests are well looked after. We invest substantial time in understanding your life goals, your current conditions, and then work to develop the most optimal solutions through our advisory platform. The advisory team measures the performance periodically against initial expectations, and should the need arise, the investment plan is recalibrated with the changing market conditions.