We manage your private pension plan with our very own employee pension scheme

Everyone can now join to the Allianz Life & Ata Holding Private Pension Plan .

How do you select your own funds in Allianz Life & Ata Holding Private Pension Plan?

You can easily select the funds best suited for you as fund choices are simply categorized for your risk appetite and age. Our innovative model does not require you to change your funds often. Based on your age; Participants below 45-years old are advised to invest in high return/risk asset focused “Growth Oriented” fund and participants above 45-years old are advised to invest in lower return/risk asset focused “Income Oriented” fund. If you want, you can make a combination of these two funds and change the distrıbution up to 6 times a year.

Allianz Life & Ata Holding Private Pension Plan Advantages

  • Our very own savings are managed along with yours

    Private Pension Plans managed by Ata Asset Management have both your savings and savings of Ata Finance group. We value your savings as our own.
  • You don’t need to lose sleep over where & what to invest?

    The asset allocation in the funds are managed by Ata Asset Management according to changing market conditions. You do not need to worry making any changes.
  • No hidden fees

    Our plans do not have any “subscription”, “redemption” or “fund expense” fees that will impact your returns. The only fee is a flat 2% “ fund management” fee.


Our funds are structured according to your risk appetite and your age, therefore you can make your choices easily without any concerns. Our innovative approach saves you from changing your allocation frequently

Transfer Right

You may transfer your accumulated savings to another pension provider after two years from the effective date of your current pension contract.
After staying a minimum one year with the new pension provider you can again transfer your pension elsewhere.
In order to participate in
Ata Holding Private Pension Plan, you need to transfer to Allianz Life Plan.

25% State Contribution

As of 1st January 2013, the State pays an additional contribution of 25% of every single premium paid into the system, saving this amount in a state contribution account which is directly linked to the customer’s fund. In other words, customers in the system receive a TL 25 state contribution for every TL 100 they deposit in their pensions. The maximum state contribution payable to each individual customer is equal to 25% of the gross minimum wage.

Employer Contribution

An employer group pension plan is created by an organization (an employer, association or foundation), on behalf of its employees or members offering them special advantages. Companies aim to create additional income for their employees or members on top of what they are due to receive from social security upon retirement. Companies also hope to increase employee loyalty by eliminating fears concerning their future financial security.