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Investment Products


Equity transactions are held via traders and online platform in Ata Invest.

Services we offer for equity transactions are:

  • Stock trading transactions
  • Margin Trading
  • Short selling
  • Forward trading of securities
  • Transactions in international markets - Ata World Trader
  • IPO participation
  • Capital increases and dividends


We distribute a family of funds with different investment strategies, starting with Ata Asset Management’s proprietary mutual funds as well as independent third party providers


Ata Asset Management Long Term Bond Fund : The fund regularly invests at the rate of 51% in fixed- income securities issued by the Turkish Treasury and Turkish private companies.

Ata Asset Management Securities Fund : Targets high return with high risk. Due to its nature, this fund requires investment in a second type of instrument in addition to stocks (e.g. Repos, bonds, bills). Funds containing stocks promise higher risk and return compared to fixed income instruments.

Ata Asset Management Foreign Securities Balanced Fund : has been transformed into foreign securities fund and up to 50% of the fund invests in securities traded on organized markets abroad.

Ata Asset Management Money Market Fund : Fund is managed with a maturity of 15 to 45 days on average and mainly invests in repo.

Ata Asset Management Equity Fund: Long only value oriented equity fund

Ata Asset Management Short Term Bond Fund : The fund regularly invests at the rate of 51% in fixed-income securities issued by the Turkish Treasury and Turkish private companies.

Ata Asset Management Corporate Bond Fund : Private Sector Bonds and Bills Fund is a type of fund investing more than 75% of its size in private sector bonds and bills which conform to the criteria of portfolio managers.



Forex market where currency trading takes place is the world's largest and most comprehensive financial market. As a foreign exchange market where, in principal, currencies of different countries are exchanged, Forex offers for trading in precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as trading in oil and stock indexes. You may generate profit from the leveraged trading transactions, despite at the risk of incurring loss. For that reason, before deciding on making transactions, you should remember to decide by taking into consideration all the advantages along with the risks involved.

  • Opportunity to make transactions amounting more than your security amount, with a 1 to 100 leverage ratio.
  • Possibility to trade over the internet and phone 5 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Advantage of being able to make transactions without commission and transaction fee

Derivatives Exchange

The importance of futures contracts particularly increases even more in periods of fluctuations in the prices of financial instruments. These contracts provide an investment alternative to spot markets and serve for different purposes of use, such as protection, investment and arbitrage. In this sense, Derivatives Exchange provides a different investment option to individual and corporate investors in addition to traditional investment instruments depending on their risk appetites.

Futures contracts provide protection against risks of interest, exchange rate and price risk for manufacturer, importer, exporter, investor and the entire real economy. They provide individual investors and corporate investors operating on foreign currency with protection against risks of fluctuations which may occur in foreign exchange markets in the future (hedging).

Treasury Bills – Government Bonds

The investors, using a fixed income investment instruments to invest for a particular maturity with minimum risk, can also carry out any kinds of transaction in the fund markets at Ata Invest.

  • Treasury bond trading
  • Option to directly participate in Treasury tenders
  • Repo transactions
  • Stock Exchange- Funds Market Transactions
  • Trading of Eurobonds of Turkish Treasury and Turkish companies
  • Trading of private sector bonds