Investment Engineering in Ata Group’s DNA!

Ata Group has engineering in its genes as one of the architects of Turkey’s largest hydroelectric power plant and dam projects, the Atatürk Dam. Our engineering roots have shaped our approach to our investment philosophy.



Ata Invest is well positioned to be your trusted business partner to help you make convenient and efficient choices in your investment decisions. Our solutions are formed based on investment consultancy process and involve implementation as our principal business model of a dynamic process starting and ending with the investor. Our primary objective is to add value to your investments. Our core philosophy is to be able to deliver effective and lasting solutions in line with the unique features, expectations and sensitivities of each specific investor.

Ata Invest offers both individual and corporate services to investors. These services include investment consultancy, portfolio management, investment banking.


The roots of Ata Group of companies, which today operates in a wide range of sectors and has manifested itself in great successes, date back to Seri Inşaat founded in 1969. Business philosophies developed upon the establishment of this company and taken as a model by many group companies, are also actively used today. Seri İnşaat, one of the three shareholders of Ata Yatırım, undertook a very important task by constructing the Ataturk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant as part of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), which has been one of the largest projects of Turkey with a cost of 2 billion USD. This major project was completed in a very short time such as 120 months and thus gained its place among the world records and attracted the attention of the world construction sector. Construction of the Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant constitutes one of the major references of Ata Group in the construction sector. Today, Ata group companies operate in many different areas such as finance, technology, food, logistics, real estate development, production of building materials, fashion, tourism and foreign trade. This diversity in the field of operations protects the group against unexpected severe fluctuations which may occur in the market conditions. Ata Group is either the owner or the majority shareholder of more than 20 companies operating in various sectors in 4 continents / 7 countries.