Are you ready to work for creating permanent assets for the investors?

You can join the team of Ata Yatırım and make a difference in capital markets of Turkey with the approach of Investment Engineering by creating permanent assets for investors.

Human Resources Strategy

Investment in People

Ata Yatırım operates in the knowledge that its overall quality is driven by that of its human resources. Indeed, Ata has based its human resources policy on long term relationships with its employees, knowing that its own development stems from intellectual capital. The average employment duration at our company is 7.8 years. Those people who make up the Ata Invest team aim to be the best in their respective fields, and benefit from access to internal and external resources with which to reach their goal. In our awareness that investment in people brings success, we continue to guarantee the excellence of our services by placing great emphasis on human resources management.

We evaluate the performance of our employees based on competence and target attainment. Every aspect of this competence has resulted from colaborative effort, and is defined by position and title. Our core competencies are: Customer-oriented Service; Openness to Innovation; Systematic Development and Training; Quality and Efficiency Orientation; An Appreciation of Team Work and A Responsibility For The Job at Hand.

For us, performance evaluation means building together for the future by closely measuring the contribution of company targets. And for this reason mutual performance discussions form our platform for the discussion of “tomorrow”.

One of our first responsibilities is to design a career plan together with our employees. From years of experience we know that a career is a journey jointly shared by employee and human resources department. Accordingly, while helping to map out our employees’ careers, data obtained from the performance system, as well as discussions between individuals and management, and company goals are taken into account. And in order to ensure that we retain our intellectual capital, a vital further layer is added to the mix. Because Ata Invest was the first brokerage house to implement a Management Trainee program.

As the Human Resources department, we formulate our strategy based on the idea of sustained training. Therefore, in addition to the professional training stipulated by the Capital Markets Board, we also program in personal, leadership and on-the-job training. The department brings our training requirement performance system, human resources and content into being through our ATALIFE intranet system.

Total Quality in HR

Total Quality Management in ATA

In its belief in the totality of quality, Ata Invest proved its “quality level”, first in 1997, and most recently in 2009, by receiving the updated ISO-2008 (SGSYarsley) version. We were the first Turkish member of the European Quality Foundation (EFQM), and the sole borkerage house nominee to win the TÜSIAD-Kalder quality award.

With its experienced team, the Ata Finance Group pursues the principle of setting the benchmark for the highest quality service in the capital markets.

Our team

  • 45% women; 55% men
  • Almost 90% are university graduates.
  • 75% speaks English.

Job Opportunities

Ata Invest employs its staff through an interviews process based on competency and behaviour. It is crucial for those people authorized to work in the capital markets to possess all relevant information. For further information you may visit our human resources webpage