Investment Engineering which comes from DNA of Ata Group

Ata Group is one of the companies that constructed the Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectrical Plant. So that, engineering exists in the DNA of Ata Group. Investment Engineering derives from this approach and Ata Invest’s strategy integrates with this new investment model.

Ata Awards

On top of the No: 1 status received on Turkish MidCap Recommendations (by AQ Research in European MidCap Research Yearbook 2005), Ata Invest has attained the following position as well; No: 1 in Turkish SmallCap Recommendations (by AQ Research in European SmallCap Research Yearbook 2005). This has led us to surpass all international and local brokers - showing the depth and quality of Ata Invest research coverage. (

It is the first and only Turkish brokerage house to become a member of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). In 2000, Ata Invest won the TUSIAD/Kalder Quality Award and was also chosen as a member of the EFQM SME Steering Committee.

Another new application currently being worked on is the balanced score card implementation across the firm. Ata Invest’s quest for quality is an indispensable commitment and is rewarding as reflected in the results. The firm’s wide efforts are further encouraged by the recognition received in the public. Ata Invest was awarded the E-Transformation Leaders trophy, sponsored jointly by Siemens Business Services and the prestigious economic weekly, Capital.

  • Winner of the "National Quality Prize" - 2000
  • Certification of ISO 9000:2000 - SGS Yarsley
  • Computer World "Smithsonian Award for Technological Innovation"
  • Winner of the "E-transformation Award" - Capital Weekly