Investment Engineering which comes from DNA of Ata Group

Ata Group is one of the companies that constructed the Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectrical Plant. So that, engineering exists in the DNA of Ata Group. Investment Engineering derives from this approach and Ata Invest’s strategy integrates with this new investment model.


Our Mission: To motivate and prepare an appropriate environment for all organizations public, private or non-profit, in which these organizations can reach world-class quality level and increase their competitiveness.

Our Vision: To become an exemplary organization in the world by the efficient deployment and efficient use of the Total Quality Management throughout Turkey.

Strategies: Country – wide deployment of self-assessment practices. Organizing activities to enhance the deployment of Total Quality Management. Development of the National Quality infrastructure. Active participation in the European and World Quality organizations. Increasing the participation and sharing by the help of memberships.

KalDer Organization: KalDer is organized in a process based structure to make efficiently deploy its activities throughout the country. In this framework, the Executive Committee that works under the Board of Director of KalDer is responsible for the operation. The activities are lead by the process owners and committees formed by our members. KalDer staff contributes to the processes and supports the expertise groups that play the most crucial role in product/service development. Deployment throughout the country is realized by the help of our branch offices in Ankara, İzmir, Bursa and Eskişehir as well as the local quality agents and other quality volunteers including our members.


EFQM, a not for profit membership foundation, is the primary source for organisations in Europe looking to excel in their market and in their business. Founded in 1989 by the CEOs of prominent European businesses, EFQM is now the hub of excellent, globally-minded organisations of all sizes and sectors, and both private and public.

Mission and Strategy: COGAT's mission is to establish, develop and assist the Corporate Governance Best Practices in Turkey, both in private and public institutions.

COGAT is committed to have a result-oriented approach and will provide less written, however much more practical solutions and applicable ideas. COGAT believes that having well-thought principles of membership, describing an effective public relation strategy and co-operating with other respectful institutions such as the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TUSIAD), the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) and the Capital Markets Board (CMB) in Turkey are essential to move toward its mission.

Türkiye Etik Değerler Merkezi – Tedmer

Our Mission: To develop projects in institutions and to improve the relationships between institutions, regardless in which sector, to offer support and services to institutions and organizations, to define corporate ethical codes, and to create benchmarks and standards. In line with such works, tedmer's mission is to contribute to economic, cultural and social life in Turkey, thereby causing the social life quality to rise to the standards of developed countries.

Our Objectives: To undertake a new research each year as a continuation of the research "The Turkish Work Force's Approach to Ethics", conducted in 2002. As a result of such researches, to determine ongoing improvements in Turkish Work Force to the understanding of ethics and share the same with public.

To consider requests of joint work and cooperation in ethics from universities and student clubs and support projects chiming in with tedmer's mission and vision.

To support efforts to get a business ethics course to be included in the curricula of the universities. To hold workshops at universities.

To make use of Ethics Resource Center's (ERC) expertise in business ethics, and accomplish in Turkey such projects that have the nature of a continuation of and/or are comparable to the works accomplished thereby so far.

To hold the International Conference in Turkey in October 2003, with the support of the erc.

To cooperate with other ngo's.

To develop products and services intended for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMSE's) and large-sized organizations.

By cooperating with other ngos, organize conferences to bring together people worldwide famous in ethics. Furthermore, with such co-operations, to develop projects for the European Union, the World Bank and other the international organizations.


Genç Yönetici ve Isadamlari Dernegi, is the Young Executives and Businessmen's Association, founded in 1986 in Istanbul, is a non-governmental civil servants organization that generates principaled ideas around national social and political matters, undertakes and performs activities to support such ideas and issues.

Foreign Economic Relations Board - DEİK

DEİK is a non-profit, private sector organization established in 1986 by the nine principal private sector institutions in Turkey. The wide constituencies of its founding institutions enable DEİK to have broad access to the Turkish corporate sector.

Our Purpose: DEİK’s objective is to contribute to the efforts for improving Turkey’s external economic relations through business councils. Bilateral business councils operating under the umbrella of DEİK are established by the interested Turkish companies and a cooperation agreement is signed with foreign counterparts for the purpose of conducting the function of promoting business relations more effectively. Having a structured bilateral business council ensures an effective follow-up mechanism and enables a continuous flow of information to member companies on trade and industrial cooperation possibilities.

The primary objectives of business councils are:

  • To encourage business development, to improve the conditions for bilateral trade and industrial cooperation and to identify multilateral collaboration opportunities in third countries.
  • To provide a forum for deliberations on new avenues and forms of bilateral / multilateral cooperation and on policy recommendations for strengthening Turkey’s relations with the relevant country.
  • To coordinate joint efforts to collect, combine, analyse, evaluate and disseminate information relating to trade, investment, industrial and technological cooperation.


TOÇEV was established in 1994 with purpose of providing financial and immaterial support for children who lack access to education and have to work and whose families are unable to fulfill their duties to provide educational support. The foundation continues its studies to make children social as culturally and psychologically restful and knowledgeable people. TOÇEV's mission is to make contribution to Turkey's future by creating knowledgeable and cultured generation and, it expects support of sensitive and benevolent people for children to look future trustiliy.