You can trade global markets 24/7 with Ata World Trader

It is so easy to trade in global equity and derivative markets! No lower limit to open an account! Global markets are your trading floor; Think big!

Our trading platforms:

Web Trader

Unlimited freedom in your trades via our web based platform. Without downloading any application to your computer, you can trade via a computer with an internet connection.

İşlem yapmak için Click for trading.

Trading Platform

You can trade global equity and derivative markets using our Trading Platform application. You can use any kind of market data and technical analysis tools via Ata World Trader – Trading Platform. Click for downloading Ata World Trader application.

Mobile Trader

With Ata World Trader transactions in global markets are now available on your mobile phone!
Ata Mobile Trader enables you to access your account and execute your transactions with ease.
You can reach the platform at

Features and Advantages

  • Ata World Trader offers fast and easy execution in foreign markets
  • With Ata World Trader you can follow global markets around the clock.
  • The platform enables you to make transactions in foreign stocks and futures directly from your account without any intermediaries.
  • You can access news flow on global developments and analyze the data while making investment decisions.
  • The flexible platform lets you personalize the workspace and make comparison analysis with historic prices using advanced graphing systems.
How to use?
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